Foam drying pads for fondant flowers

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Create Wonderful Sugar Flowers Easily, using these designed Flower Modeling Foam Pads to make beautiful shaped petals and foliage with soft natural curves and additional veining detail.

The Pads can be used in conjunction with a variety of decorative mediums including, Flower Paste(gum paste), Sugar Paste(rolled fondant), Almond Paste, and Modelling Chocolate.


Flower Foam Pad:
  • Too often and Shape the edges of Petals and Leaves, place the cut shape onto the foam pad and using either a Dog Bone or Ball Tool, positioned half on the Paste and half on the pad, gently slide the modeling tool around the Edges. This will thin the edges and also add gentle shape and movement.
  • Cupping – This basic technique is extremely popular, especially when making traditional roses and blossoms etc. Place a Ball Tool onto the cut-out shape and rotate the Modelling tool to create a cupped shape.
  • Veining – The Flower Leaf Modelling tool will create both sharp and soft veining lines, simply by drawing the back of the tool along the Paste.

The Foam Pads are Washable and non-stick, although a small quantity of cornflour or icing sugar can be used for dusting if required.


  • Soft and light materials, easy to use and clean
  • Adopt eco-friendly EVA materials, tasteless, non-toxic and durable
  • After making the fondant cakes, you can put the cakes on the Sponge Pad to let them dry
  • Fondant cake sugar flower shaping and drying, DIY baking tool .


  • Material: Foam .
  • Size: Approx Length:26cm,Width:19cm,Height:3cm


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