Embossed Rolling Pin Plastic Non Stick Fondant Cake Decorating Tools

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The rolling pins have different decorate patterns.
Perfect for decorating fondant cake paste embossing.
Made of food-grade ABS material, it is non-toxic, tasteless, and easy to clean.
Roll out fondant with a smooth rolling pin and once rolled out the rolling pin to imprint design.


100% Brand New and High Quality;
Material: Plastic
Color and Types: 12 types
Type1: Pentagrams and Hearts Pattern
Type2: Pink+ Hearts Pattern
Type3: Narcissus Patterns
Type4: Raised Hearts Pattern
Type5: Chrysanthemums Pattern
Type6: Rose Flower Pattern
Type7: Butterfly Pattern
Type8: Rhombus Pattern
Type9: Sunflowers Pattern
Type10: White Venting Pattern
Type11: Lattices Pattern
Type12: Purple

Pattern Types:

Type1: Pentagrams and Hearts Pattern, Type2: Pink+ Hearts Pattern, Type3: Narcissus Patterns, Type4: Raised Hearts Pattern, Type5: Chrysanthemums Pattern, Type6: Rose Flower Pattern, Type7: Butterfly Pattern, Type8: Rhombus Pattern, Type9: Sunflowers Pattern, Type10: White Venting Pattern, Type11: Lattices Pattern, Type12: Purple

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