Baking decorator Manual Airbrush

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Contain 1 pump spray and 4 vials.
Work for both glitter/powder or Liquid.

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Create fun: Use these airbrush techniques to create interesting, charming, and dazzling cakes, perfect for mixing, coloring, and 3D effects. Improve cake decorating skills. Help you to create your cake like your desire.

Manual Airbrush: The manual spray gun is equipped with a pump sprayer and 4pcs reservoirs. Use the ManualEasy to use and clean: This handy cake decorating pump is great for beginner cake decorators and seasoned professionals. The manual airbrush gives you full control over the pressure with which your spray is applied. The transparent canister allows you to check the amount of liquid stored. Work with maximizing precision.

Multi-purpose: can be used for home baking, storage baking, cake decoration. Suitable for gum pastes, cakes, fondants, pastries, sugar pastes, and more. It can make our production more interesting and is the best choice for baking utensils.

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